Planning Fuel

Planning Fuel

Scenario data forecasting:

Material and Labor Prices

Optimally structure and negotiate purchase contracts by planning for changes in raw material, labor, and component prices.

Macroeconomic Factors

Economic uncertainty quantified and in a usable format. Find out how well your business responses under stressful conditions.

Trade Tariffs

Probability of policy changes and trade tarrifs. (coming soon)

Interactive Simulation

Fast, flexible, and intuitive

Use an intuitive, graphical approach to analyzing the impact of issues and opportunities for better forecasting and planning. Traditionally the assumptions about the underlying uncertainties were baked in to a simulation and could not be easily varied. Now with Planning Fuel “what if” analysis is fast, flexible and intuitive.

Test Strategies

Hypothesize, test and synthesize

Find what's best, possible, and actionable in order to conduct business over different time horizons. Visualize the financial implications of scenarios representing issues and opportunities. Aggregate the impact of stressful economic conditions across lines of business.

Actionable Forecasts

Using single number forecasts is so 2017

It's one thing to have an idea yet quite another to act on it. Planning Fuel not only depicts future price fluctuations it also enables purchase contracts to be optimally structured and negotiated. Quickly add probabilities to your analysis to creatively structure win-win contracts while aggregating risk across the organization.

Works with existing planning tools

Accessible in Open SIPmath() Standard from

Communicate issues and opportunites
Aggregate risks
Audit uncertain estimates

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