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Kevin McDonald
Data guy
Oct 9, 2018 - 1 min read

HDR1 Random Number Generator

Interesting concept

While model churn for a B2B SaaS company I noticed something interesting. The folks at may be up to something really rather cool. They've created a seeded random number generator (RNG) that appears to work by taking the modulus of several division calculations that use a large prime number. Neat. Maybe that's an original idea or maybe it isn't. That's not so important from my perspective. What will be interesting to see is if this formula is portable across platforms. Can the results may be replicated just by passing the formula from one system to another?

The image above is a picture taken of the so called HDR1 random number generator formula I noticed in Microsoft Excel. It's available as part for the free SIPMath(tm) tools provided by

It's an interesting idea this sharing of generators and if it works across platform we'll all be able to share just the RNG formula (plus some meta data) to recreate probability distributions across systems. Today we share the data/draws from a Monte Carlo simulation. Sharing just the generator(s) could simplify things by several orders of magnitude.


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