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The first scenario planning data offer to support interactive simulation of real business options.

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Scenarios for Business Planners and Dealmakers

What if you could plan for market, economic, political, regulatory, competitive, operational, and price uncertainty so surprises weren’t so surprising?

Plan for Scenarios

Formulate creative and resourceful contingency plans around opportunities and issues.

Evaluate Options

Simulate real options and scenarios for dealing with the issues and opportunities. Quickly add probabilities to existing sales projections, budgets, technology projects, and portfolio estimates.

Decide and Learn

Build on successes while learning from mistakes. Improve and evolve the decision making process by seeing which principles and practices drive business performance.

Be prepared

Inform your institutional intuition. See the impact changes in demand, prices, economic, political and rare events may have so surprises aren’t so surprising.

Be bold

Decide with confidence. Know the impact a decision has on the overall business portfolio. Balance risk with reward.

Be faster

Outpace the competition by learning to make collaborative decisions quickly. See what worked and reuse those decision making assets.

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Find out how averages on average are wrong and learn the three easy steps towards better decisions when faced with uncertain.


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